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  • At Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, our clinicians acquire both SPECT and planar images.  However, they also inject a small amount of Thallium (~1.5 mCi) immediately before imaging.  The images are acquired with dual energy windows for Tl-201 and Tc-99m.  ...

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  • We routinely offer our patients coffee or cola, after stress tests. The caffeine tends to counter the affects of Adenosine and Lexiscan. Kerry Klemm, CNMT, BS Tennova: Physicians Regional Medical Center Knoxville, TN ------Original Message------ ...

  • Andrea,  email me at smenges@hfmhealth.org and I will send you ours.  I am having difficulty attaching. ------------------------------ Sandy Menges CNMT, CNT ------------------------------

  • Janice, IV Caffeine is an inexpensive option that works very fast and well. Oral caffeine is good but works slower and reaches less receptors. ------Original Message------ I'm down to my last bottle of aminophylline, I'm sure many are in  or close ...

  • Hello all, Does anyone have a "Thallium Viabitly Protocol" they's like to share? I've lost the file and my template and can't seem to locate it. I would really love the template if you car share! Thanks and love this forum~ Andrea Reichert


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