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    CZT Detectors

    We are over 1/5th of the way into the 21 century. Is it time to move to CZT detector technology. I researched SPECT/CT cameras just prior to COVID and chose GE 870 without the CZT detectors. Of course no system has been purchased since my initial research ...

  • Yes, we do HIDA with CCK all the time in patients with gall stones. There is no contraindication. Sushama Bhargava, MD Section Chief, Nuclear Medicine

  • Yes we do if the patient cannot drink half and half mild orally, like sick unit patients in the hospital. Half and half milk has better and more physiologic effect on Gallbladder contractility. ------------------------------ Isis Gayed MD [Professor ...

  • The vendor gave us links to training modules for the rads and the protocols which seem to be working quite well, currently our NM techs inject and our mammo techs position.  I should mention we had 1 female NM tech and more than enough mammo techs when ...

  • Hi Tiffinie I dug this SOP out from years ago.  At that time, we were using a Picker camera.  We used to get the table overlay from Cardinal Health,  It was like putting a spongy surfboard on top of the Picker table.  The table overlay had 2 cut outs ...


  • Updated SNMMI Statement on COVID-19 and V/Q Studies

    Since SNMMI released its last statement about V/Q lung scans in September 2020, there have been significant developments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.View the latest statement from March 28, 2021. More

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